Securitization is the right kind of transaction

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A strong and efficient housing finance market or primary market is the main provision to build a secondary financing market that is the duty of SMF that is listed in Presidential decree No. 1 on 2008 juncto 19/2005. This is essential as a foundation for the Secondary Financing Market Housing is not vulnerable to economic and financial turmoil.

With that in mind, one of the working program of SMF is to promote the creation of a strong primary market by providing a coaching session to mortgage lenders institutions regularly in the form of training programs for employees in a mortgage lender institutions.

This program aims to :
  1. The institution for mortgage lenders will be able to adopt the standardize mortgage document
  2. Increase employees ability in the institution for mortgage lender in producing mortgage with high quality
  3. Produce a set of mortgage experts to support the mortgage industry in Indonesia that will be able to educate and disseminate good and proper mortgage delivery procedures.