Ananta Wiyogo

President director

Indonesian citizen, born in 1957. He completed his education at Bentley College, Waltham, MA, USA and earned an MSc in Finance (1987) and an MSc in Management from Arthur D. Little Management Education Institute, Cambridge, USA, Wijawiyata Management, LPPM (1981) and the Faculty of Fisheries of IPB (1981). He has held several strategic positions, including VP of PT Bank Niaga Tbk., President Director of PT. PEFINDO (2001-2007), President Director of PT. Indonesian Central Securities Depository (KSEI) since 2007-2013, President Director of BNI Securities (2013-2016), and also as a Commissioner of KSEI (2015-2017).



Indonesian citizen, born in 1966. Received a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting at the State College of Accountancy (STAN), in 1994, and a Masters Degree in Accounting from MAKSI-UI (Masters in Accounting, University of Indonesia) in 2001. He worked as Head of Division Research & Development, at SMF (2007-2010), Corporate Secretary, at SMF (2012-2016) Head of the Division of Business Reform and Development, concurrently as Corporate Secretary until August 25, 2016.