Encouraging National Economic Recovery in the Tourism Sector, SMF Explores Homestay Development Cooperation in Sumedang

Press Release / 28 Aug 2020

SUMEDANG – SMF has started to explore cooperation in the Homestay Financing Partnership Program to Sumedang District as part of an effort to support the National Economic Recovery Program (PEN), especially in the tourism sector in the regions.

On Thursday (27/8/2020) the President Director of SMF, Ananta Wiyogo along with the management team made a working visit related to the Homestay Financing Partnership Program cooperation to Sumedang Regency.

The group was greeted directly at the State Building, Regional Government of Sumedang Regency by Sumedang Regent Dony Ahmad Munir, accompanied by Sumedang Deputy Regent Erwan Setiawan, Regional Secretary Herman Suryatman, Nonoman Keraton Sumedang Larang (KSL), Rd. Lucky Djohari, as well as the ranks of the PMD Office, Diskominfosanditik, Disparbudpora, and Bappppeda.

Also attending the occasion were General Manager of Service Deployment Mobile Service at Telkomsat, Twinsani Hermawan and his team, Management of the Gold Indonesia Community Foundation represented by Yanthi and Didik Hedi Sunaryo, President Director of PT Mitra Bumdes Nusantara Agus Erhan and staff.

The visit began with a review of the Jatigede Tourism Area, in Buricak Burinong Village in Cisema Hamlet, Sumedang. Regional Secretary Herman Suryatman directly guided the group to tour the tourism development potential around the 4,983 hectare reservoir tourism area, which is the second largest reservoir after Jatiluhur Reservoir in Purwakarta.

President Director of SMF, Ananta Wiyogo hopes that today’s activities can see opportunities and potential for tourism development in Sumedang Regency, which in the future can have a positive impact on improving people’s lives and supporting the National Economic Recovery Program.

“As a Special Mission Veehicle for the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia, in the midst of this pandemic, SMF is committed to be able to provide wider benefits. Related to that, SMF is ready to be used and able to encourage the growth of the tourism sector which is in line with the Government’s program in restoring national economic conditions, “said Ananta Wiyogo.

Related to this, on the same occasion the Regent of Sumedang, Dony Ahmad, was grateful for the presence of SMF which intends to help develop tourism in Sumedang Regency. “This is an honor and happiness and motivation for all of us, of course, to achieve the Sumedang target in the future so that it can lead to the welfare of the community,” said the Regent.


He also hopes that the plan will become part of Sumedang’s history as well as a ‘pilot project’ in the tourism development of Sumedang Regency. “Sumedang can develop. Of course, there is a need for contribution from everything, this is all in order to accelerate service to the community,” he said.

The Homestay Financing Program is a special assignment program for SMF from the Government. In making this happen, SMF collaborates with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy. SMF also collaborates with BUMDes as a channeling agency and Pokdarwis (Tourism Awareness Group).

Distribution of the Partnership Program is carried out through channeling agencies and empowerment of channeling agencies in the DPP area. In the process, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy and SMF provide assistance to Distribution Agencies in the context of capacity building and increased participation of local communities.

Throughout 2019, SMF has synergized with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) in realizing a Partnership Program in the form of a Homestay Financing Program in Priority Tourism Destinations (DPP) located in Central Java, Yogyakarta Yogyakarta, and West Nusa Tenggara.