We transform your illiquid asset to liquid asset

One of the best product of SMF is securitization. We transform illiquid asset into liquid by means of purchasing asset from Originator and Asset Backed Securities issuance. Here we serve to make mortgage lenders transactions trouble-free for both parties.

Benefits of Securities Transactions

For Mortgage Dealer

  • Maturity mismatch mitigation between short-term funding with long-term mortgage
  • Diversify sources of funding with sustainable long-term source
  • Improve the ability/capacity of mortgage lender.
  • Management of assets and liabilities
  • Increase profits through fee-based income, no interest margin.

For Other Investor

  • Alternative investment product with a better risk level because of asset based portfolio.
  • A class investment product with idAAA rating from Pefindo.
  • A strong underlying portfolio asset according to healthy criteria of SMF.
  • A solid transaction structure with the support of credit and subordinate

For The Capital Market

  • Investment product development in capital market-based portfolio assets.
  • Availability of investment product for investor who want this type of product.

Securities Issued

Various types of securities that can be issued as a result of securitization transaction, can be in the form of KIK-EBA or EBA or it can also as bond.